by Derek Maki 

“A note from Derek...”

Well here it is.... my new comic strip! And not "new" as in I have had any in the past... just NEW, period! I am excited to go on this little adveture. Here is a note for new readers, I am the worst speller ever! And sadly, even though I tried my best to proof read my work, I still have a couple errors. Oddly enough, after starting this comic and sending it to my friends and family only, I finally decided to post them here on this site and I did NOT take teh chance to correct any errors. Why? Beacuse then I am cheating (in my opinion). If I created and posted them to friends and family with mistakes then to keep the integrity of the art I could not correct it for readers here. I left the mistakes IN PLACE to teach myself a lesson. I am not perfect BUT over time I will work harder to catch spelling errors. In a way my spelling mistakes have almost become a "calling card" for people who know me. If I text or send an e-mail without a speeling error I think people would question if I was actually the one who sent it...LOL! Anyway, I am going to learn to catch my mistakes BUT for now I have not altered the work. I am not a pro, I am new to all this, and that goes for drawing a comic as well and I am eager to see how my art will devleope over time... hope you will enjoy the strip and watching me grow! ENJOY and thanks!